Delta Project women's team wins Project Athena!

This year European Rainbow 6 Siege competitive scene has seen a few minor female exclusive leagues including CCS Women’s League Season 2 and Project Athena. Our recently acquired female roster have been competing since the very beginning of the female esports with great success, finishing this year off with a victory in Project Athena. The team consists of Shyshka, Mia, Shadow, Kitty, Panda and MissMarie. First three have been together since 2016.

In 2019 we won CCS Women’s League 2019 and GiF’s Women’s Cup and unfortunately only placed third in CCS Women’s League 2021. It wasn’t our best performance and going into Project Athena we wanted to give our best, especially playing under Delta Project’s name.” - says Dominika “Shyshka” Frej, the team captain.

We sat down, analyzed mistakes and figured out how to fix them.” - adds Jay “DarKie” Thompson, who’s the coach for the team.

The team has cruised through qualifiers placing second overall. Regular season started with a 4-7 loss on Bank to Sparkle Team, which did not affect the team morale as later on the team has not lost a single match and ended up at the top of the standings, gathering 18 points by winning 6 remaining matches, with the outstanding round differential at 46-17.

We knew we’ve got what it takes to win it all.” - says Shyshka. - “We knew we’re going to qualify for the final and we wanted to show what we are capable of and win the league.”.

Playoffs started with a dominant 2:0 win over Frenemy (7-2 Chalet and 7-3 Oregon), followed by a very important 2:1 win over Sparkle Team (5-7 Bank, 7-4 Chalet, 7-3 Clubhouse) in Upper Bracket final, which granted the team a place in the grand final.
Grand final was a full three map BO3 between Delta Project and Randys, a team that managed to beat Sparkle Team in the Lower Bracket final in a 2:1 matchup. Starting off with a very dominant performance on Clubhouse and winning the map 7-3 the team looked very strong and confident. However losing map 2 - Oregon 5-7, was a little set back.

We made a few mistakes we’ve never made before. We had a quick talk between the maps and girls knew it’s time to reset their mindset and go into Bank with confidence.” - says DarKie.

The final map, Bank, turned out to be the perfect map to end the league off with another dominant 7-2 win over Randys, and therefore our female lineup became the Project Athena’s champions.

We would like to congratulate our female roster for winning the very first title for Delta Project. We are more than sure they are going to secure more wins in the future!

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